Friday, March 11, 2011

Nice slacks - Katherine Ross in The Stepford Wives

One time I was performing with my band, opening for a well-known Canadian group. The audience was comprised of beer guzzling jocks - who, rightfully, had no patience for our little art rock affair.
After yelling "SHOW US YOUR TITS" a million times, the focus switched to my (at the time) waaaaay out of fashion high-waisted dark denim jeans....For years I've laughed to myself about their apt and stinging comment: "REGULAR FIT!"

Here's some awesome pictures of Katherine Ross in "regular fit" pants, perfect t-shirts, a nice gold necklace, and some really great blouses in The Stepford Wives.
This is her character when she's fresh out of New York, and has just left her job (as a photographer?). In short, before she's crushed by misogyny and replaced by a robot.
PS - I love her BFF too! And the way she double crosses her legs! It reminds me of my mom - who has a great pair of gams.

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