Friday, March 11, 2011

The second last time I liked Witherspoon

Remember Reesey in "Freeway" (1995)? That right there is a handful of a movie.


mlw said...

I was JUST talking about how I liked her until one movie past this - FEAR. Then she was okay in Cruel Intentions, now she bugs the shit out of me.

Canadian said...

I just watched Freeway 2, same writer-director (Matthew Bright who was also involved in Forbidden Zone), never came out on DVD (is at Eyesore), stars Natasha Lyon and Vincent Gallo as a witchy woman, also worth a watch.

wankydoodle said...

She's pretty good in the kid movie (Man on the Moon?), and she's pretty good in Election. And Fear is awesome. But I think this is my fave, because she's sooooo gross and soooo rude. What happened to her!?
Freeway 2 sounds great. Did you know that Tara Subkoff AND Brittany Murphy are in this one?