My name is Sarah Gregg Millman. I'm an artist, costume designer and wardrobe stylist living in Toronto.

This blog is a collection of some of my favourite things - music, (I love all kinds; but R&B, and in particular, Aaliyah are my tops) art, books, clothing, film, costume in film, and dogs. I also love perfume, and spent ages trying to find my "signature scent". For the record, I don't know if they are my signatures or not, but I now switch between Comme des Garçons' Avignon and Wonderwood, and I don't feel this particular pressure any longer.

Sometimes I make music. I'm a semi-regular member of an amazing choir. Once I had an all-girl (ok "one-girl") Guided By Voices cover project called the Girl Guides, and I actually went to Dayton, Ohio to perform for Robert Pollard.

And in keeping with the spirit of an absolute freelance existence; I also do voice-over work for MTV... For many years I was a waitress (I made a lot of art videos about it)...I sometimes dabble in vintage (oooh)...I used to write a tv show for Much Music... and now I write exclusively for my videos, a screenplay that may never see the light of day, and this very blog. You can peek my IMDb, or feel free to drop me a line at millman.sarah@gmail.com. Here's a link to my professional website. And if you're curious, here's a link to the Intelligence of Dogs list. Not that intellect always matters. It's heart that's the key.

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