Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a hard job done - Trigger

Just finished working on a really challenging film. Trigger, directed by Bruce McDonald, starring Tracy Wright, Molly Parker, and Don McKellar (amoungst others..) was put together in 4 days, shot over 4 weekends, on no budget, little (basically no) pay, and was the most intense thing I may have ever done.
Tracy Wright, a dear friend, is one of the leads, and we worked together on "Monkey Warfare" and "Leslie My Name is Evil". Rather, I worked for her.
There are only a couple of costumes for each main character - but they go back to younger versions of themselves, both as 14 year olds, as well as 90's riot grrrls.
I tried my best to make them plain, simple, and everyday - but with nuances of their characters...
Tracy and Molly Parker ripped apart the script, acted through mazes, gave performances that were/are so raw and sad and real. That's a gross word, but whatever. It's the truth.
I feel ok about a lot of the costumes. Tracy's in particular. She gives me full control, full confidence. Honestly, she is my muse, if I could be so bold. Molly was amazing too, but our work together was more a collab with her LA stylist. I might have done a few things differently. I feel most proud about her gorgeous Isabel Marant coat and her (Matt's) commodores t shirt. They were prominently featured, so I'm happy about that.
Here are a few pics.

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