Monday, January 2, 2012

Tops of the pops x-box

Here's a few of the things that were my favourite from x-box: My mom coming to visit. 1. We went to a movie at Bell Lightbox, and to Dim Sum on x-box day, and later to the Thompson Hotel Diner (ummm, hate to hate, but the service was utterly...bad) where we had foot-long hot dogs, mac and cheese with truffle oil, onion rings, and reuben sandwiches. The night my mom arrived we had the MOST amaaaaazing lobster that she brought from Nova Scotia - ice cold and outrageously good. Two kinds of butter - garlic and lemon. It was a huge treat to have her here - even though it seems like all we did was gorge ourselves on food. In the presents world, I was pretty excited about a pair of purple marbled hand-knit slippers, and these other material goods:
Cire Trudon room spray. This stuff is TO DIEEEEE FORRRRR. Like possibly even better than the candles. I was given the Spiritus Sancti, which I've had in the candle form - and while, yes, there is a certain unbeatable charm to the warm glow of a candle flame - this is probably more bang for your buck. My friend Spencer came over after I'd sprayed it and basically lost his noggin. So, a huge thumbs up to Cire Trudon. Oh! and the bottle is big big big! (if you want to check it out, head to Noor, and tell Louis that Sarah sent you!)
Next up is probably the reason why I'm awake with death anxiety every night. But just you try and take it away from me. JUST YOU TRY. (but I have to say, like most home machines, the foam is just ok, and I still haven't mastered pulling a perfect shot from it yet. But I'm not complaining. Well, yes I am, but no I'm not)
Last two: The shoes were really on sale, and I've been coveting them for a very long time now (and envying them on my friend Karine Vanasse) so I went for it. The jeans are great, I love the high waist, but I have to take them back to get the zipper fixed because whenever I bend over it slips down and I feel like a pervert constantly touching my crouch area. ? Anyhow. Christmas was great. I'd like to thank all of the people who made it happen, even though I basically acted like a crazy freak from Mars because I was still unwinding a lot of *tension* from the film. Speaking of Mars, did anybody see Melancholia? Let's jam on that subject next. xx


Anonymous said...

Sarah, darling, why would you give up your real life to worry about your fake life ending? Next time that happens, think, should I be worried about the Darth Vadar and the death star? No, because that would be silly. That's imaginary, just like your end of life scenarios. Besides, we're all going to by cyborgs by then and we'll live forever.... That's my fear. We'll be the last old people. Everyone else will have flawless skin, and a perfect waist and we'll be counting our back fat wrinkles.

I like those boots. xola

Sarah Gregg Millman said...

and I like you. xS