Monday, January 16, 2012


Really loved her at the Golden Globes last night. It's an elegance I don't think I understand, or am not brave/well-bred enough to attempt. Actually, I've been dreaming of 'I Am Love' a lot lately. That film was, for me, pretty near perfection. The food porn shrimp scene hilarious and beautiful. The footage in the country was so earthy and hazy and real - like what Sofia Coppola (and even Wes Anderson) often attempt but from a decidedly fashion-mag/Hollywood It-kid angle that sometimes feels like a disingenuous hipster setting on the film camera. These sun flares made sense because they portrayed the slow-burn heat, the feeling of everything ripe, a sense of foreboding and diminishing returns, the flower at it's fullest bloom, petals at their most majestic, about to drop, die, decompose, bring new life, cycles cycles cycles of love and life. The flash scene after the credits, I won't reveal and ruin, but that little scene is more chilling than any horror film I've ever seen. Here's the trailer again.

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