Friday, January 13, 2012


I've tried and I've tried to make Carven work on me. The fact that I have hips, and thighs, and other bits that make it challenging (also $$$ ding ding ding) But listen here: I LOVE IT. I understand that it's not exactly avant-garde - it's a little twee/perpetual kidult. However, there's something about using fabrics like wool and leather in these equations that I find fascinating. The twisting cloth all around and the over-sized bows. Reminds me of a little kid who can't get their pantyhose on straight. Scrubby (bedhead!) hair at Disneyland. But then you've got the heavy fabrics all up in that joint (it's called a juxtaposition, Sarah) and what's born is most definitely something I admire. Those bow shoes will be mine. But Guillame - some of the models really are TOO thin. Like really. I know it's France and also that British babe is in vogue and everything, but SVP.

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