Monday, January 9, 2012

The Marriage Plot

If you like reading about: Ivy League anything (LL Bean, Cape Cod, American stripes, college towns, old brick buildings, etc..) Religion, Love, Sex, Revisiting your obnoxious self during college years, Nostalgia, Hope, Character stories, Heartbreak, India, Over-achievers, or Failure; you might like this book. It's on the lighter side, so you could easily read it on vacation, or at the dentist, or on your ikea couch under a wool blanket with some chips. I'm not finished yet, so I can't read this article in the NYT, but I think it's possibly unfavourable. The Franny and Zooey echoes make it basically perfect for a film adaptation. Let's brainstorm on who's gonna be who. I'll update when I think about it more, but in my mind's eye, Madeleine is played by an actress whose name I can't remember! And I also can't remember what films/tv shows she's been in! I just know she does exist, and that possibly she was big in the 80's. Hmm. Not so helpful. I'd love to costume it. Also, Madeleine was my "french" name in high school. ************* UPDATE. I finished the book. I cried. Not sure if it was because it was a sad ending (it was), or because it was a cheap one (it was). All in all, Eugenides is a pretty fine author. I'd cozy up to his ifs ands or buts any night of the week.

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