Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Electric Feathers

Have you heard of this little label? I'm not going to say much about it. Instead, I'll post the ENTIRE A/W 11 collection right here (even though I'm so clearly into pre-fall 2012 already) A tip of the (adorable) hat to the amazing styling and also to the lovely model, who has the hair I basically dream of in my dreams. day dhhhhreams. it's the length and the shine, plus the body. remember when people said the word "body" to describe hair? "bedhead" is so over, even though it's the only hairstyle I've ever had or will have. even when I'm 80. but maybe all 80 year olds have "bedhead", because it kind of gets thin and tangled? My dear friend Claire's son has bedhead hair right now and it's adorable, but she's threatened to spray paint it black and draw big red lips on him and have him go as Robert Smith for Halloween. Early "bedhead" adopter = Robert Smith?

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