Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sportz Carz

Men who drive sports cars vs. other men who drive sports cars

I guess it might be just European men in movies that I can reference, but sometimes older men driving sports cars are amazing.
Today for instance, I saw a man driving a red sports car and he looked so distinguished, I wanted to know where he was going - I wanted to go with him. I imagined he might have a fireplace wherever he was going. I imagined he could cook me a nice dinner, complete with aperitifs before dinner, and then wine. I could even get into some animal skin rug action..It would be one of the rare instances that the guy was not a douchebag trying to reclaim his youth - and that the phallic symbol of the car really was an extension of his manhood!
The colour red was deeper than normal sports car reds - more burgundy than cherry. And if it were cherry, it would be more on the orange side.
I loved the scene in the Diving Bell and the Butterfly - before he had his stroke - when he was driving along the country road in the fall and the leaves were blowing and he was on his way to his estate. He was gorgeous, that was the point - but not in a way that you see often with men in sports cars here. He looked like you could smell his nice shaving cream on his face if you got close enough. His wool coat smelled like burnt wood or pipe tobacco. That’s the kind of stereotype-y manly-man I like.

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