Wednesday, August 29, 2012


 I just stumbled upon this photograph of myself and my dear pal, Karine Vanasse, on the wrap day of the film we met on, "I'm Yours". We've been friends, and sometimes work-mates, ever since. Maybe it's the early days of fall, but I'm missing her and that New Real film crew very much these days.  Also included, a sweet little photo collage of Karine as "Daphne" that I found on the interwebs... All images by Kate Hood, the brilliant stills photographer on the film.

Hi Karine! xx


Karine V. said...

Every week, I visit this blog not only to read the new posts my dear friend had written, but to be inspired by what a woman I truly admire had thought, discovered, found beautiful and then generously shared with us, the lucky readers.

Having so much admiration for a friend is something very powerful. I felt like a groupie when I saw those pictures and wanted to tell the person next to me: "Hey, it's me with her ! She is talking about me ! ".

Tks for the shout out, beautiful Sarah. We will find each other soon again.


* This picture of the two of us is the proof that one can find great genuine friendship later in his life. The smile I have on this picture is the same one I had when posing with my cousin/bestfriend when I was 6 yrs old !

Sarah Gregg Millman said...

Awwww! You are the best. Thank you for the lovely words. I felt the same way when I saw that photo...Some real emotion there. xoxo (come here sooooon!)