Thursday, July 26, 2012

Soon I'm going to talk about my real feelings on the fashion industry. And feminism and women and stylists and money and world events. And the new breed of "little girl" fashion. And pastel blogs. And flowers on pastel blogs. And swans. And the colour peach. And maxi skirts. And new ballet. And new ballet gurus. And people blogging pictures of their healthy lunch. And anorexia. And how fashion is often a man's game. And how women prop it up. And how cliques form in fashion. And how hierarchy stops good ideas from rising to the top. And how it can also protect people and allow amazing things to grow. And the fashion film. And the Coppolas. And sun flares in film. And ennui as an idea. And ennui as the only idea. And how I love it all, and hate it all in equal measure. Soon.

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