Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My money's on Nick Nolte!

Well lookie lookie - who went and got themselves an Oscar nomination? Meryl Streep? Yes (perhaps 16 times is a *wee* bit of overkill? Like, she could make a poached egg and get a nom, no?) But more importantly - my old boyfriend - the blonde hunk who just won't quit....NICK NOLTE! Hurray! Which means, the Oscars are going to be verrrry interesting this year. You better believe I will be watching every second, and possibly even live blogging about Mr. Nolte's appearance. I'm assuming he's on the wagon these days? I hope so. I only want what's best for him. In other news, James Cromwell will be going to the Oscars with The Artist, and I'm looking forward to spotting him in the audience, and most likely on stage when they win the whole she-bang (yeah, I just said she-bang. ha ha. that stupid song!). He was the lead in film Erinn and I worked on in the fall (all 6"7 of him) and I noticed at the Golden Globes he'd grown a strapping beard. And, what is Leith Clark going to dress Michelle in? Will it be Chanel for a second year in a row? I think we really need to see her in some colour this time around, although she did look downright ethereal last year. And also, what gothic ingenue gown is Rooney going to wear ?(I predict it will be Givenchy; the shows in Paris are still happening, so it will be hot off the runway). Anyhow, back to NN. Could you imagine if he won?

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