Saturday, November 5, 2011

A few of the things I did in the Big Apple...

I ate tiny apples (the beeeeeyoootiful Wickson crab variety)
..and...went to some funny art shows in Chelsea, where I ran into my good friend and Choir! Choir! Choir! master, Nobu Adilman. These are the two shows I could sneak pictures of: Lisa Yuskavage
and Allison Schulnik:
I visited this store, and picked up these little guys
I ate and drank with my good pal at the Momofuku Ssäm bar (where I began a long distance relationship with steamed pork buns)
We also tackled the LES meatball trend at, ummm, The Meatball Shop. Actually very very good.
And finally, I had a lovely catch up and wind down at the Lobby Bar at the Bowery Hotel. It was Halloween, and the gorgeous waitresses were dressed like flappers. I guess flapper is a bit of a cheesy costume, but it looked so nice with the carpets and velvet couches. Plus they free-poured the wine.
It was a lovely trip. Now I'm back and starting prep on another film - this one is shooting in...The Big Nickel! Sudbury! Like, whoa! Fingers crossed, everyone.

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