Saturday, November 26, 2011

Feeling this..

I'm in Sudbury, and I can't lie and say I love the feeling of being far far away in an alien, lunar, rock-hard bubble. Can bubbles get rock-hard? Off and on the set,teenagers throw their shit around, without meaning to of course. They don't even know my name, don't even know I've laid awake for weeks, obsessing over their every character nuance; striving to make them a person that we love, or hate, or hate to love. Or feel empathy for and worry over. I take away colour, put colour in - just the right bit (or so I think?) of burnt umber or dark grey. Learn about the way they brush their teeth, how they grope each other at a dance for the first time - all of this I hope can show up invisibly through the way the wear their stupid skinny jeans, the same ones that have been sandpapered down to reach a believable "worn" patina. Yes, let's us listen to a scrawny little red-head and fall fast asleep. Until tomorrow, when I know it will break.

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