Sunday, September 25, 2011

Some things we've been doing: Making a movie. At a Swiss Dairy farm, complete with Swiss maidens, and a sweetly stupid chow chow pup. At the top of a hill overlooking a lake, with grazing cattle walking very close to the set. (the other day, Erinn stepped in a cow patty). In an old country house, with wooden floors, walls, and ceilings. At a strawberry farm. At a saw mill. Outdoors in the rain. Outdoors in the sun. Outdoors in the early morning fog. Most days, I leave Erinn at set and drive to and fro, winding along beautiful roads, watching the leaves change from emerald green to crimson and mustard and eggplant. I drive fast, because I've learned to "become one with the road". I pick up costumes in North Bay, about an hour and some away from our base in Commanda Lake. In North Bay, I enjoy such luxuries as a bank, a mall, cell phone service, and the internet. We do get some internet service at our base in Commanda Lake - but you have to sit one of two places to access it - at a picnic table or on the side of a gravel road near a ditch (where I'm sitting now). Both situated outdoors. Hours are loooooong. Like minimum 14 hours long. Like, wake up at 5 am go to bed at midnight long. Stress can be high. The beauty of our surroundings makes everything worth it. Erinn has gone back to Toronto on weekends, but I've chosen to stay in this sad little paradise. I figure it's good training if I ever want to live outside of the city. Sometimes we have fires in our little wood stove. Sometimes in the outdoor fire pit. Sometimes we cook on our barbeque. Sometimes we go to bed without dinner. Sometimes we see little animals outside of our cabin window ("chippie" the chipmunk being the fave). More often I see animals from the window of my car. I've seen many deer (even had a staring contest/spiritual experience with a fawn and her mommie), a bear, a fox, country kitties, and when it rains, frogs. This is something I won't go into to much detail about, but let's just say it's beyond upsetting when the frogs cover the highways on a rainy night. In the evenings, starting at about 6 pm, the coyotes start calling to one another. It lasts for hours and hours and hours, and if Erinn wasn't around, I might even find it frightening. Mostly though, I think of Joni Mitchell in California. What else can I say? I am having an experience. After we finish up here on the 6th, I fly to New Brunswick for two more days of shooting, then back to Toronto for the night, and then leave the next morning for Iceland. It's so interesting what the universe is providing right now. I'm trying to plot out the next move, but I'm currently so immersed in my present it's difficult to think on the future. One thing is for sure, I've really missed the blog. x

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jas said...

my goodness, this sounds so spesh. & awesome. thanks.