Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A proper room with a view...and D. Porthault sheets.

Sometimes I am overtaken with whimsical flights of fancy. Like, I want a room with a tree outside the window (actually, I have that!), a french press on an antique tray (I do have a bodum), a white lap-top (hmmm, got it), freshly squeezed OJ beside my wildflower bouquet on top of the books I've been reading on my beautiful wooden side table (have had variations on this, but never all together at the same time). Mostly though, I just want these amaaaaazing D.Porthault sheets. The ones with the hearts on them, that cost a thousand dollars (one thousand dollars) per sheet (per sheet!). I promise I'd never spill anything on them or leave my pen without the cap on so ink bleeds through them like I did last week to my shitty Ikea duvet cover! I promise!

Anyhow, this little image is like WASP heaven. Shhhh! No talking anyone! Let's be quiet! Let's reflect! Let's be polite! Passive aggressive! Cultured! Wan! Rich! Let's be perfect!

Image of interior designer Rita Konig's bedroom courtesy of NY Times magazine...

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Paula M said...

The sheets, oh my goodness the sheets! You can see through them.

Two less ethereal matters:
a) I have a couple of sheets/blankets with ink stains on them. Older than last week.

b) how does she make that bed?