Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hypothetical Review: Huitieme Art - Sucre D'Ebene

Do you guys ever change your perfume from winter to summer? Or are you so true to your scent that you keep it going all the live long year? Or maybe you stop wearing perfume in the summer, and reach for the coconut-y tanning oil instead? Do you *even* wear perfume?
I was looking at some new lines over at Luckyscent (bad name, BEST website for perfume), and I found this funny little number. The witch hazel is what got me, because I'm a hippy, but the french name sucker-punched me, because I fetishize France. And the brown sugar? I don't know? It could either make or break the thing. I'm guessing these bitches think it makes it. Here's the real description:

Like an herbal lemonade sweetened with brown sugar, Sucre d'Ebene has one of the most surprising and successful accord combinations in the Huitieme Art bunch. Brown sugar gets a surprise herbaceous-floral astringency with the addition of witch hazel, with its herbal, tea and woody facets.

Sucre d'Ebene interwines this brightness with brown sugar's complex caramel golden warmth to create a tonic of surprising complexity and lightness that delights through to the dry down. This would bloom in a wonderful way on your skin in the summer heat.
Sucre d'Ebene Notes
Brown Sugar, Hamamlis (Witch Hazel) and Benzoin

Should I get a sample? Does it sound too sweet? It says "Sugar" right in the title. That's weird, no? Apparently this company uses a new technique, where they take "olfactory photographs" of naturally scented things (herbs, flowers, wood, roots, etc...) and reproduce them perfectly. Hmmmmm.


stephanie said...

I just put this on today, from a sample I got on Luckyscent, and found your post while Googling. I like the scent a lot, but not enough to shell out for a whole bottle, given the price. Another sweet scent I like is Costamor's Dulcess. You could get that as a sample as well. In the Huitième Art line, I also like Vohina.

Sarah Gregg Millman said...

So sweet is the overall fragrance vibe? What about that witch hazel?

I'll for sure check out Vohina, thanks!

Usually I'm more of a woodsy or musky girl - I love the CDG line and Leutens for this. Also, L'Air du desert marocain by Tauer and Sel Marin by Heeley are nice deeper fragrances that still work for me in the warmer weather. The Sel Marin has a strange dry down that I'm not sure about though...

stephanie said...

Well, I don't know that I got the witch hazel note very well. It is more of a caramel wood scent that seemed to dominate--maybe that's the benzoin coming through. Speaking of woodsy, have you tried Chanel's Bois des îles? I got a sample from the Perfumed Court and it is to die for. Not a summer scent though; I can see why Bois d'ebène is. A musky summer scent that I sometimes wear is Hové's Rue Royale, in the cologne strength. I don't know where you'd get a sample, though; they are a New Orleans based perfumer, and a friend brought some back for me when he went there. They do have a website. Thank goodness for samples. Oh, another recommendation to get as a sample from Luckyscent is Lostmarc'h, L'eau de l'Hermine. I am on some email list for Luckyscent and whenever they announce a sampler set I usually get it. That's how I've tried all these (except Hové).