Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Staring at a huge pile of clothing that may or may not end up for sale in various locations, after just finishing a styling job, with the prospect of more on the horizon. And thinking that sometimes I love it. And thinking that sometimes it just goes against everything I've ever wanted for myself in the world.
I mean, do I really need to get into a yelling match with the salespeople at The Room over a Nina Ricci dress being delivered on time?
Didn't I go to art school?
Didn't I used to want to change things?
Didn't I think that making videos could set my brain free? 

1 comment:

sarah said...

our dreams of arthood are just as unsustainable as any reality we now inhabit. when you have any sort of voice you can choose to use it creatively and wryly to your own end. and really, DO THEY KNOW WHO YOU ARE?? YOU WANT THAT DRESS YESTERDAY.