Wednesday, June 22, 2011

1970's Gymnastics - Nadia Comaneci

And a kind of cheesy, kind of sweet montage of Nadia set to her theme:


erinn said...

I was completely obsessed with Nadia Comaneci. But unlike you I had NO gymnastic skills, or grace or flexibility of any kind, and could only worship from afar, via the made for TV movie. Best i could hope for was ribbons and ball or whatever that was called, when girls pranced around with a string on a wand and a bouncy ball on one foot. I don't think it exists anymore, but for a while it was an Olympic sport.

Sarah Gregg Millman said...

Ha ha. It's called rhythmic gymnastics. I always really hated it. Thought it was for (polite word) wimps. But in hindsight, up there with ski ballet, no?
To be honest, it was maybe just as heartbreaking to be a sub-par gymnast, and to come to the slow realization that you'd straight up just never be good enough. You have to put those kids in reaaalllly early and spend a lottttt of money to get them good like Nadia and Olga. Basically, it's a sport for state-sponsored orphans or really rich sadists. I mean, 17 is OLD! And it stunts your beautiful female progression! PS - I don't understand why the gymnasts bodies are so short and squat now, esp. the Americans. I think it's all the focus on tumbling. PSS- I really don't like when gymnasts do "sexy" moves in their floor routines like they do nowadays.
Goodnight darling.

Dellah Redshire said...

I know a lot of people who hates rhythmic gymnastics. I also prefer extreme gymnastics but sometimes watching rhythmic gymnastics is entertaining too.

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