Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gold Dust Collective....

Oh, I've been running round, running round this crazy town...
Myself, Andrea Lalonde (vintage and housewar maven, awesome person fame), Sarah J Whidden (cheap opulence and awesome person fame), and Emily Birnbaum (caesar pony and awesome person fame) have been going bananas over at 1080 Queen Street West doing our thing with the vintages.
Today was hot, and people picked these types of things up:
Sheer pants
Harem pants
Light silky pants
Sun dresses
Tank tops
No bathing suits

That's it, those were the tops of the list!
We are there for another bunch of days - until Sunday to be exact - and there is still SO much crazy stuff. I don't want to be a weird ad, but seriously. Look at this picture. These are things that are still there. Please come by and say hello.
I promise to spin you a jam.
PS - we are doing more stuff. Stay tuned, if you like/care about such things.
Here is the tumblr!

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