Saturday, May 7, 2011

9 1/2 Weeks

I realize that this movie has been pretty heavily covered over the years, but last night while having dinner with some friends, we made a very important discovery: Kim Basinger was 33 when she made this film! 33! A real lady! In her 30's!

I remember seeing this as a kid and thinking - Wow, adulthood is going to be one wild ride! Luckily (unluckily?) (luckily?) my adulthood has been a bit more tame.

80's American films were really great, don't you think? They just looked better (more dull? Is that the video tape effect?) The light was greener, or grayer, or blacker - but not so crisp. Less polished maybe? The acting seemed more real. Women and men looked different. Maybe it's because I was child, but I feel as though they looked more comfortable in their own skin. More grown up?

And look at Kim's hair! Ahhhh! I'm one foot away from the salon (my bathroom) to try for this haircut. So my hair is fine and limp and would never do this amazing tousle thing. What if I promise to get up and hour earlier every morning to curl it? Huh?

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