Monday, April 11, 2011

Charlotte Rampling, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Kirsten Dunst? Ugh. Yes.

Melancholia from Zentropa on Vimeo.

I can't lie. I know it's uncool to gush, but I'm really excited about Melancholia, Lars Von Trier's upcoming Sci-Fi family drama.
Sci-Fi? Astrology? Three cult status actresses? Lars Von Trier? Kiefer Sutherland? An estate? A gorgeous wedding gown? Psychological trauma/drama?
I say yes. Yes to that mean little monster director and his mean little monster brain.
Ultimately, this guy really makes me want to be involved in art. Even though he's not my favourite, he inspires me more than many. It's a hard thing to get through to my distracted brain these days, so it says a lot. Or does it? Doesn't it?

Anyhow, below you'll find one of my favourite Gainsbourg outfits (I know! Sorry!)

Then Kate Moss did her version (sorry! not a fashion blog! can't help it!)

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