Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Portrait of a video never made- 'The Belt'

The other day I was sitting out on my back patio with my boyfriend. It was august and hot and the summer so naturally when I heard a little girl screaming it was like it was just a normal thing to have happen.  
 My patio overlooks a parking lot, with people coming and going all day long, and it’s almost what you’d call a bad parking lot, but why assume the worst right?
So this little girl is screaming at the top of her lungs and in my minds eye it’s summertime and sprinklers and concrete and heat and ice creams or whatever but then I guess I was listening wrong and all of a sudden it switched and I realized she’s running as fast as she can away from her enormous father who is chasing her down the parking lot with his black leather belt in the air.
The mom and little brother and big sister are standing beside the car drinking slushies and kind of laughing to one another because the father was screaming “Get the Fuck in the Car RIGHT NOW” with his belt waving around and the little girl was outrunning him, which made him even more mad, and everyone was turning to look, except that this man was fucking so scary and like I mentioned enormous and would have snapped my boyfriend and me right in half if we even glanced in his direction.
So that’s what happened, we looked but pretended we weren’t looking and the family just acted casual and drank their slushies and the dad screamed and told the girl to get the fuck in the car and put his belt back on and went into a shop, probably to buy a gun or cool down or plan out how he was going to rape and kill his daughter when he got home.
Of course I wanted to call the police but didn’t. I mean, the family was drinking slushies? It just seemed like they thought it was kind of normal. What if I called the police and they asked me what the family was doing while this so called abuse was taking place? I’d have to say, well, they’re drinking slushies. They’re leaning against the car. Plus we were trapped on the patio because if we stood up to go inside it would have shown that we were disgusted or scared or that we had seen what happened, and that would have made the dad more mad, and the family maybe embarrassed and ashamed.
And I was afraid the dad would see us leave and scream “WHAT the Fuck are you Looking at!?” or think it was a racial superiority thing or something and then we’d have to run inside and lock the door and the little girl would feel even more helpless because everyone in the whole fucking world was afraid of her dad and nobody at all ever was going to help her.
The truth is her brothers and sisters and mom were just thankful it wasn’t them and knew they should just mind their business, have their power gulps or what have you and be quiet or laugh quietly because that was really all they could do.
I’m not just saying this for dramatic effect, but the summer was pretty much over after that. I don’t think I even went back to the pool or anything.
A few days later I went into KFC to use the bathroom and I thought I saw the family there having dinner but I couldn’t be too sure. They seemed to be having quite a nice time so hopefully it was them.

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